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A dufferent kind of Christmas story.

I actually got some Christmas pictures edited!

Hey, it's not even been a month yet! I'm doing good!

Christmas, is always very spiritual, everyone pays homage to the baby.

Even the wolf.

Wait, who put that there?

Now, when they say that wolf will lay down with the lamb, I don't think they meant at the dinner table.

Now this is just silly, I don't think there were cougars in Bethlehem. Were there?

Before dinner we played Trivia Pursuit.

I killed at that game, as long as you're supposed to be the one without any pie pieces...

You're never to old to play with your nieces toys, and a warrior can never have to many weapons. It's better if my guys have them, they are a choking hazard after all.

The wolf man, check out that beard, rides into town on a canon!

At some point in time we went to Holiday Magic at Brookfield Zoo, Frank didn't want to sing to the bears.

They had a cool color wheel in front of the dolphin statue, I cut off the top of it though, so I'm not so pleased with these. It was a cool idea, just needed a little framing work.

Yeah, the merry go round!

By the way, this was the night that is became really foggy and my flight was canceled the next morning.