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Smitty the Evil Elf
7 June 1975
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Who is Mazerrakhm?
- Mazer Rakham is Ender Wiggins last teacher in the book Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. (If you’ve never read it I highly recommend it!)

How did Mazer Rakham become Mazerrakhm and why did I choose it as my moniker?
- Way back in the day, when I first started using the internet and you had to dial a modem uphill both ways, I went to set up a user name and I happen to have a pretty common name (See him.) most of the variations of my name were taken so I thought to use a characters name from a book, so I chose my favorite (Enders Game) and used a peripheral character from that. Only back in the day most usernames were limited to 10 characters, hence Mazerrakhm.

Since the memory feature hasn't been working for me for some reason, I started using Tags in January 2006.

The ABC's of Mazerrakhm...

A – is for A work in progress, format borrowed from theamazingjosh. I don't have time to finish it now, but I'll get to it!
B – is for Broon, a very funny comedian who doesn't do this stunt anymore.
C – is for Canon, my camera of choice, the Cubs the always injured never going anywhere baseball team, our yearly Camping trips, and the Cats Sam and Ryo-Ohki.
D – is for Dog, Suki
E – is for Enders Game, my favorite book.
F – is for Family, Friends, and H.S. Football which I shoot in the Fall.
G – is for Girls, who are silly.
H – is for Hiking, and also for H A T S
I –
J – is for this Journal which I'm amazed I've kept up with, maybe one day I'll say something profound or interesting.
K – is for Kevin
L – is for Losers™
M – is for Munchkin, both in real life and the fantasy game.
N – those Naughty boys!
O –
P – is for Photography, I like to take Pictures.
Q –
R – is for RUSH! I’ve seen them in concert many times, and they Rock! It's also for Reading, elisstar says I do a lot of it.
S – is for Suki.
T – is for Time, spend it well.
U –
V – is for Victory, in getting them to pose with things for me.
W – is for the Woman, and Wolves
X –
Y – is for Yawn. (Hey, it's what I could find.)
Z – is for Zed. Who's Zed? Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead.